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Images Hair Studio is a full service hair salon located in Jenkintown, Pa. For more than 30 years we have been dedicated to helping men, women and children suffering from the effects of hair loss around the Philadelphia, New-jersey, and Delaware areas. Whether you are suffering the effects from chemotherapy, thinning hair, or alopecia we're here to help you.

Here at Images Hair Studio we provide customized options to deal with hair loss. From a hair loss treatment for a receding hairline to lace front wigs and everything in between. We offer TWO very exclusive methods of restoring thinning hair to thicker hair that no other salon offers.

For both Men and Women Alike!

"I am really excited about our new state of the art methods for hair replacement", says Gloria Harrelson, owner of Images Hair Studio. These two new methods are 100% undetectable, are painless, and affordable.

Technical Hair Volumizing... From Germany to Jenkintown

Technical Hair Volumizing is an amazing hair treatment that increases the hair volume in your thinnest areas for 400% thicker hair. It is a hair volumizing process brought here all the way from Germany that guarantees to increase your hair volume . IMAGES HAIR STUDIO in Jenkintown is the ONLY SALON on the East Coast to offer it.

Tech Hair is a hair volume miracle for those who have experienced it. “Our clients just love it, they feel so confident knowing that they look better than ever”. It is not a weave or a hairpiece so it does not come off. “The hair actually gets attached to your own strand of hair and just grows out.”.. “For anyone who is thinning and does not want an obvious change in their appearance, then this is a perfect choice” added Gloria Harrelson the owner of Images...”This is really exciting. I am thrilled to see how wonderful the clients look ….and feel …its seems to restore more than their hair"! Please contact our studio and ask to speak to Sue Drain our Tech Hair master technician.

Hair Transitional Systems

Images Hair Studio has developed a gentle method of reducing the appearance of hair loss. With our Hair Transitional Systems you never feel self conscious because your overall appreance has NO INSTANT DRAMATIC CHANGE!

This system is best for anyone who would like to reverse the appearance of thinning hair. Remember, hair loss doesn’t happen overnight so the same should apply to hair restoration. That’s why this technique is so great because it provides hair restoration that is never obvious, but rather SUBTLE. We allow the improvement to happen over the course of time, thereby eliminating any startling contrast. This also GIVES CLIENTS complete CONTROL of the end result, which is exactly the way it should be.

Call Images Hair Studio to see if you are a candidate for either of these State of the Art Techniques. These are two very exciting developments in the Hair Restoration Business. We restore your hair and your confidence at the same time. Check out our Client Testimonials.

Images Hair Studio is located at 122 Old Yord Rd. in Jenkintown Pa. 215-887-2284

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